Commercial Reprints

Syllaba Press International Inc. will accommodate requests for commercial reprint orders of specific articles. To receive a price quote for reprints or to order, please contact:
Syllaba Press International Inc.
Suite 722-4586,
1900 N. W. 97th Avenue
Doral, FL 33172, USA
Email address:

Reprints are saddle-stitched and self-covered upon request, unless eJournal covers are ordered. Self-covers may be black-and-white or color and are printed on the same paper stock as the article. eJournal covers are color only and are printed on the standard Syllaba Press International Inc. cover stock. eJournal covers must be ordered prior to the issue printing.

Any alteration to the standard pages, for example, the addition of company logos, is subject to additional charges. Orders for more than 500 copies will be quoted separately. Payment must accompany reprint orders.

Author Reprints

If you are the author of an article in Scientific eJournals to Syllaba Press International Inc., you may order reprints at a special author rate. To download author rates, an order form, and additional ordering information, please click here.

Author reprints must be used solely for the author's personal use. For other uses, see "Commercial Reprints" above. If you have questions, please contact eJournals Program, Publishing Department to Syllaba Press International Inc. at the address above.

2012 Author Reprint Charges

Rates for Black-and-White Reprints* (Minimum Order 50. Includes Shipping.)
Quantity 50 100 200 300 400 500 Add'l 50s over 500
Domestic $410 $555 $580 $630 $680 $725 $50
Foreign $445 $590 $640 $725 $795 $860 $70

*Color covers may be ordered for black-and-white reprints; however, color reprint rates (below) will apply.

Rates for Color Reprints (Minimum Order 50. Includes Shipping.)
Quantity 50 100 200 300 400 500 Add'l 50s over 500
Domestic $455 $575 $770 $1,035 $1,330 $1,625 $150
Foreign $515 $620 $825 $1,140 $1,470 $1,880 $200

Single Copies of Articles

Single copies (PDF format) of articles may be downloaded from the eJournal Web site. Subscribers may download single copies of current articles free of charge. Nonsubscribers may download single copies of articles may pay the pay-per-view fee (see subscription instrucction for only eJournal) for current articles. For details, simply go to the article you wish to download. If you are not a subscriber, ordering information will appear.

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