With Syllaba Press International Inc. you can start your own Scientific eJournal.

The prerequisites for launching a Scientific eJournal are time and professional dedication. A committed and experienced Editor-in-Chief to lead the project is mandatory, and good project and content management skills are a basic requirement.

Are you interested in starting a new Scientific eJournal? Please tell us! Send us a proposal, and we'll present your idea to the eJournals Publishing Department. We'll be back to you with a feedback within 40 days.

Your proposal should include a motivational letter to start a new Scientific eJournal, together with:

» Your scientific CV with a list of your previous publications and editorial experience.
» A tentative title for the eJournal.
» The scope and topics of the eJournal.
» The anticipated publishing frequency.
» An outline of the potential audience.
» A tentative list of members of the Editorial team.
» A benchmark of the most influential eJournals in the field (competitors).

Proposals should be sent to the Scientific eJournals Publishing Department to Syllaba Press International Inc., at Email address ejournals_proposals@syllabapress.com.

If the proposal is accepted, the proposer will be named Editor-in-Chief. As such, his or her first responsibility will be to obtain the commitment of the members of the new journal's Editorial Board. The Editor-in-Chief will take responsibility over the published content and will encourage submissions from the best and brightest authors in the field.

As your publisher, Syllaba Press International Inc. will provide the journal with an ISSN number and will take care of all administrative tasks. Our professional staff and an advanced Manuscript Tracking System (eManuscript Central) for submitting and reviewing articles will be at your disposal. We will provide online visibility by creating the web pages of the eJournal as part of the http://www.ejournals.syllabapress.com website.

Syllaba Press International Inc. will design the journal, provide a team of technical editors and prepare the content for publication. Our experienced team of scientific publishing professionals will work on getting the journal indexed in the most important and relevant scientific databases.

For any further questions please contact us by email at ejournals_proposals@syllabapress.com

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